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      Popmatters : ‘… Most of the sounds and textures featured on the album can be traced back to industrial music in some form or another, usually in the form of brittle, chilly synths and electronics. This is fitting, as the album has a very literal industrial feel as well, evoking the steely architecture of an urban nightmare… Like Pink Floyd’s The Wall, The False Foundation is a narrative of gradual and ominous assembly, the building of a structure designed to trap and restrain rather than to protect and shield. The album is best at its most stripped down, spare, and piano-driven moments. The monolithic, elegiac opener “Blue Faces” is case in point here, as is the standout track “Bright Lights”, which features gorgeous balladry supported by a hollowed-out, barely-there drum machine. With an emotionally direct melody and heartrending lyrics, “Bright Lights” succeeds because it focuses its attention not so much on the properties of dystopia themselves, but on the quality of human connectedness situated within such a dark world. “I wanna see how far we go out / I wanna hold you dearly / And there’s a breeze that’s keeping me still / There’s a warmth that’s keeping you here,” Pen sings plaintively, in a rare moment of wounded hopefulness. If you only listen to one track from The False Foundation, this should be it.
Less successful are the moments when the album leans more closely towards electropop, as Archive lack the gift for pop melodies and vocal dynamism to properly support their forays into this genre. ….
. Despite some truly exciting and vital moments, The False Foundation struggles to cohere into a cogent statement befitting of a legitimately scary political moment.’


Archive – The False Foundation Tracklist

1- Blue Faces 00:00
2 – Driving in Nails 05:04
3 – The Pull Out 11:51
4 – The False Foundation 17:22
5 – Bright Light 21:49
6 – A Thousand Thoughts 25:25
7 – Splinters 30:57
8 – Sell Out 36:00
9 – Stay Tribal 41:43
10 – The Weight of the World 43:56

Archive - The False Foundation

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