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      John Bush: ‘Chilly Gonzales – Solo Piano, Near the end of the old millennium, someone once rapped, “Being futuristic these days means being futuristic on your own terms,” which is entirely fitting when said rapper records an album of solo piano instrumentals. (Perhaps less instructive is what said rapper went on to say: “Being futuristic means loving worms, saving your sperm, wearing your pubes in a perm.”) The former Chilly Gonzales has a hint of Gershwin in his playing, an urbane, contemplative take on the blues that sometime turns into a wry smile. He also has a hint of Satie, the spare and haunted sound of a music box turning slowly to a halt as it comes to the end of its wind. But what Gonzales also has is entirely his own, which not only makes this the best album of solo piano instrumentals by a rapper extant but also one of the finest solo piano albums not by a jazz or classical performer. Obviously, there’s a duality to any man who lit up stages with Peaches but also played with and produced Jane Birkin and Charles Aznavour, but Solo Piano is a disarmingly wonderful record. ‘


      Gonzales, (born Jason Charles Beck; 1972), is a Grammy-nominated Canadian musician who resided in Paris, France for several years, now in Cologne, Germany. Though best known for his first MC and electro albums, he is also a pianist, producer, and songwriter. Gonzales regularly collaborates with the Canadian musicians Peaches, Mocky and Feist (who, among other things, joined him on tour through Europe and Australia for the album ‘Presidential Suite'[2]). Additionally, he has collaborated with Jamie Lidell on the albums Multiply and Compass, Buck 65 on the album Secret House Against the World, Daft Punk on the album Random Access Memories and performed with Drake at the 2011 Juno Awards.


Chilly Gonzales – Solo Piano Tracklist

  1. Gogol 00:00-02:02
  2. Manifesto 02:03-05:10
  3. Overnight 05:11-08:32
  4. Bermuda Triangle08:33-10:06
  5. Dot 10:07-12:12
  6. Armellodie 12:13-15:25
  7. Carnivalse 15:26-17:57
  8. Meischeid 17:58-20:01
  9. Paristocrats 20:02-22:35
  10. Gentle Threat 22:36-26:25
  11. The Tourist 26:26-29:15
  12. Salon Salloon 29:16-31:21
  13. Oregano 31:22-32:45
  14. Basmati32:46-34:15
  15. C.M Blues 34:17-38:49
  16. One Note At A Time 38:50-41:01

Chilly Gonzales - Solo Piano

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