Chris Rea – Road to Hell

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      The Road to Hell is the eleventh studio album by Chris Rea. It was released in 1989 and is one of Rea’s most famous albums. The second part of the two-part title track, “The Road to Hell (Pt. 2)”, is also one of Rea’s most famous songs. The song “Texas” has been played through the years on Classic Rock/AOR radio stations in Texas, and is sometimes played as background music before Texas Rangers baseball games at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Another track, “Daytona”, is about the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 “Daytona”, in which he sings about the car metaphorically, with the engine and tyre noise from the car ringing out toward the end of the song.

AMG Review: The title only hints at the horror that lurks in this album’s message. “Texas,” “Looking for a Rainbow,” and “You Must Be Evil” pick apart the atrocities of our society, while “Daytona” offers some much-needed tension release. A modern masterpiece. — by John Floyd


Chris Rea – Road to Hell Tracklist

  1. “The Road to Hell (Part 1)” — 4:52
  2. “The Road to Hell (Part 2)” — 4:30
  3. “You Must Be Evil” — 4:20
  4. “Texas” — 5:09
  5. “Looking for a Rainbow” — 8:00
  6. “Your Warm and Tender Love” — 4:32
  7. “Daytona” — 5:04
  8. “That’s What They Always Say” — 4:27
  9. “I Just Wanna Be with You” — 3:39
  10. “Tell Me There’s a Heaven” — 6:00

Chris Rea - Road to Hell

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