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      John Bush: ‘The Space Between Us is the debut solo album by Craig Armstrong, originally released in 1998 on Melankolic Records. Elizabeth Fraser of The Cocteau Twins contributes vocals to the track “This Love”, and The Blue Nile’s Paul Buchanan appears on “Let’s Go Out Tonight”. The first track, “Weather Storm”, is a reworking of a song by the same name which appears on Massive Attack’s 1994 album, Protection, to which Armstrong contributed. Similarly, “Sly II” is a reworked version of Massive Attack’s “Sly”, also from Protection. “Balcony Scene” is a reworked version of “Time Stands Still,” from the score of the 1996 film Romeo + Juliet; it contains elements of “Kissing You” by Des’ree, as well as a quote from the film.All Music Guide review: Craig Armstrong’s long history of string arrangements and composing (for U2, Massive Attack, the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack) helps him out on his solo debut album. The Space Between Us is impeccably produced, from the redos of Massive Attack’s “Weather Storm” and the music from the balcony scene of Romeo + Juliet to the new ballad “This Love,” with vocals by Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser. If there is a problem with the album, it’s that the other tracks have that vague feel of a soundtrack or original score that sounds pleasant enough but doesn’t make for diverting listening.’


Craig Armstrong – The Space Between Us Tracklist

  1. “Weather Storm” – 6:03
  2. “This Love” – 6:26
  3. “Sly II” – 5:17
  4. “After the Storm” – 5:08
  5. “Laura’s Theme” – 5:26
  6. “My Father” – 2:03
  7. “Balcony Scene (Romeo and Juliet)” – 5:17
  8. “Rise” – 4:24
  9. “Glasgow” – 5:19
  10. “Let’s Go Out Tonight” – 5:58
  11. “Childhood” – 5:42
  12. “Hymn” – 1:20

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