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      Wikipedia:  Ocean Rain is the fourth studio album by the British post-punk band Echo & the Bunnymen. It was released on 8 May 1984 and reached number four on the UK Albums Chart, number 87 on the United States Billboard 200, number 41 on the Canadian RPM 100 Albums and number 22 on the Swedish chart. Since 1984 the album has been certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry. Ocean Rain includes the singles “The Killing Moon”, “Silver” and “Seven Seas”. The band wrote the songs for the new album in 1983. In early 1984 they recorded most of the album in Paris using a 35-piece orchestra, with other sessions taking place in Bath and Liverpool. Receiving mixed reviews the album was originally released as an LP and a cassette in May 1984 before it was reissued on CD in August. The album was reissued on CD in 2003, along with the other four of the band’s first five studio albums, having been remastered and expanded before again being reissued in 2008 with a live bonus disc. The artwork for the album was designed by Martyn Atkins and the photography was by Brian Griffin. Echo & the Bunnymen played a number of concerts in 2008 where they performed Ocean Rain in full and with the backing of an orchestra.

      Jason Ankeny: ‘Channeling the lessons of the experimental Porcupine into more conventional and simple structural parameters, Ocean Rain emerges as Echo & the Bunnymen’s most beautiful and memorable effort. Ornamenting Ian McCulloch’s most consistently strong collection of songs to date with subdued guitar textures, sweeping string arrangements, and hauntingly evocative production, the album is dramatic and majestic; “The Killing Moon,” Ocean Rain’s emotional centerpiece, remains the group’s unrivalled pinnacle.’


Ocean Rain Tracklist

  1. “Silver” — 00:00″
  2. Nocturnal Me” — 3:22
  3. “Crystal Days” — 8:19
  4. “The Yo-Yo Man” — 10:44
  5. “Thorn of Crowns” — 13:56
  6. “The Killing Moon” — 18:46
  7. “Seven Seas” — 24:35
  8. “My Kingdom” — 27:52
  9. “Ocean Rain” — 32:19


Ian McCulloch – vocals
Will Sergeant – guitar, harpsichord (“Angels and Devils”), sitar (Life At Brian’s sessions)
Les Pattinson – bass
Pete de Freitas – drums
Adam Peters – piano, cello
Alan Perman – harpsichord (Life At Brian’s sessions)
Luvan Kiem – clarinet (Life At Brian’s sessions)

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