Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind

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    Steve Huey : ‘ The second of three straight iconic Iron Maiden albums, Piece of Mind marks the debut of what many regard as the definitive Maiden lineup, with the arrival of new drummer Nicko McBrain. McBrain’s ability to duplicate the complex patterns of the guitar and bass riffs gives the band a seamless ensemble unity. Even Steve Harris, whose busy basslines were never exactly groove-oriented, has never felt more integrated into the overall sound. Perhaps part of that feeling comes from the less frantic pace; the average tempo has slowed somewhat from the preceding album, and the hold-over punk influences still present there have been completely eradicated. Instead, we get a few moodier, heavier pieces (especially “Revelations”) that make the album darker-sounding overall. We also get greater involvement in the songwriting from Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith, whose themes are perfectly in tune with Steve Harris’ epic storytelling. Nearly every song here was inspired by movies or literature, whether it’s history, mythology, sci-fi, or fantasy; this approach got them tagged as a thinking-man’s metal band, and certainly provided a lyrical blueprint for Anthrax. No less than four songs are about battles and warriors, and a couple are about flying, underscoring the heights of the drama that the band is aiming for. The centerpiece of the album is, of course, “The Trooper,” an all-time genre classic that boasts Murray and Smith’s most memorable harmonized lead riff, plus that trademark galloping rhythm…….   In the end, even if Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind is the most obviously inconsistent of the classic Maiden trilogy, its many high points are no less awe-inspiring, and it’s no less essential for anyone with even the most basic interest in heavy metal.’


Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind Tracklist

01: Where Eagles Dare [00:00 – 6:10]
02: Revelations [6:11 – 12:58]
03: Flight Of Icarus [12:59 – 16:49]
04: Die With Your Boots On [16:50 – 22:14]
05: The Trooper [22:15 – 26:26]
06: Still Life [26:27 – 31:19]
07: Quest For Fire [31:20 – 35:01]
08: Sun And Steel [35:02 – 38:27]
09: To Lame A Land [38:28 – 45:53]

Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind

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