Morcheeba – Big Calm

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       Stephen Thomas Erlewine: Realizing that trip-hop was a dead end, at least as far as hipness goes, Morcheeba expanded their sonic palette on their second album, Morcheeba – Big Calm. Trip-hop and dance rhythms remain, but the trio has spent more time writing songs, crafting an album where pop, lounge, film soundtracks, reggae, jazz, and electronica all peacefully coexist. Consequently, Big Calm is a stylistic tour de force, evidence that Morcheeba have turned into a mature, sophisticated group with impeccable taste. Occasionally, the album can sound a little distant, as if the fusions and productions were more important than the actual songs, but the trio is so musically adept, and Skye Edwards’ voice is so enchanting, that Big Calm become irresistible in its own way. — Blame Tricky and Portishead. They started this whole Bristol sound thing, with sleepy techno beats overshadowed by the chirrupy vocals of some slumberland chanteuse. And–just when you think the approach has lost all its steam, all its relevance–along comes a new outfit to make the music a few degrees sleepier, the singing a tad more dreamy. And singers don’t come any dreamier than Skye Edwards, whose lissome trill infuses every track on this sophomore outing with a tranquil ennui. You don’t jump around to Morcheeba numbers like “The Sea.” You sit back and let them creep up on you, as steady as the tides. –Tom Lanham


Morcheeba – Big Calm Tracklist

  1. The Sea
  2. Shoulder Holster
  3. Part of the Process
  4. Blindfold
  5. Let Me See
  6. Bullet Proof
  7. Over and Over
  8. Friction
  9. Diggin’ a Watery Grave
  10. Fear and Love
  11. Big Calm
  12. The Music That We Hear (Moog Island)

Morcheeba - Big Calm

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