The Stranglers – Feline

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     The Stranglers – Feline was the seventh studio album by The Stranglers and was released in the new year of 1983 (on the Epic record label in the United Kingdom). The first edition came with a free one-sided 7″ single “Aural Sculpture Manifesto”. Feline drew heavily on two of the dominant musical influences in Europe of the time, by using only acoustic guitars and electronic drums.  Whilst The Stranglers – Feline was critically acclaimed, it was not the commercial success it was hoped to be and fell way short of the previous studio album, La Folie. However, Feline peaked higher than La Folie in the UK album chart (peaking at no.4). Although not especially well regarded in Britain, it brought them considerable success in the rest of Europe. There were three singles released from “The Stranglers – Feline” – The first was “European Female” which reached No.9 in the UK charts in January 1983 and was followed by a remixed 7″ version of “Midnight Summer Dream” in March (which peaked at No.35 in the UK Chart). The third and final single released was “Paradise” (Released in July 1983) it reached a disappointing No.48 in the UK Chart.

      Alex Ogg: Another Stranglers concept album, but a much lesser work than forerunner La Folie. While not an instant classic, it does repay repeated listening — especially the rustic English charms of “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and the more Eurocentric “Last Tango in Paris” and “All Roads Lead to Rome.” Instead of the belligerent tunefulness of yesteryear, the Stranglers were trying to expand their sound and reach. Too often on this lackluster effort, however, it comes across as boring and unengaging. ‘


The Stranglers – Feline Tracklist

  1.  00:00 “Midnight Summer Dream”
  2.  06:16 “It’s a Small World”
  3.  10:55 “Ships that Pass in the Night”
  4.  15:05 “The European Female (In Celebration Of)”
  5.  19:06 “Let’s Tango in Paris”
  6.  22:23 “Paradise”
  7.  26:15 “All Roads Lead to Rome”
  8.  30:11 “Blue Sister”
  9.  34:20 “Never Say Goodbye”

The Stranglers - FelineThe Stranglers - Feline

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