Todd Rundgren – Something / Anything?

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      Stephen Thomas Erlewine: “After two albums, Todd Rundgren had one hit and a burgeoning cult following, plus growing respect as a hitmaking record producer. There’s no question he was busy, but as it turns out, all this work only scratched the surface of his ambition. He had decided to abandon the Runt pretense and recorded a full double album by himself (save for one side). Others had recorded one-man albums before, most notably Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney, but Rundgren — without borrowing musically from either artist — captured the homemade ambience of McCartney with the visionary feel of Music of My Mind, adding an encyclopedic knowledge of pop music from Gilbert & Sullivan through Jimi Hendrix, plus the crazed zeal of a pioneer. Listening to Todd Rundgren – Something / Anything? is a mind-altering trip in itself, no matter how many instantly memorable, shamelessly accessible pop songs are scattered throughout the album. Each side of the double album is a concept onto itself. The first side is “a bouquet of ear-catching melodies”; side two is “the cerebral side”; ….Todd Rundgren – Something / Anything? has a ton of loose ends throughout: plenty of studio tricks, slight songs (but no filler), snippets of dialogue, and purposely botched beginnings, but all these throwaways simply add context — they’re what makes the album into a kaleidoscopic odyssey through the mind of an insanely gifted pop music obsessive. Rundgren occasionally touched on the sheer brilliance of Something/Anything? in his later work, but this extraordinary double album is the one time where his classicist songcraft and messy genius converged to create an utterly unique, glorious record. “


Todd Rundgren – Something / Anything? Tracklist

1. I Saw The Light (0:00-2:59)
2. It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference (3:00-6:50)
3. Wolfman Jack (6:51-9:47)
4. Cold Morning Light (9:48-13:22)
5. It Takes Two To Tango (This Is For The Girls) (13:23-16:04)
6. Sweeter Memories (16:05-19:41)
7. Intro (19:42-20:52)
8. Breathless (20:53-24:08)
9. The Night The Carousel Burnt Down (24:09-28:38)
10. Saving Grace (28:39-32:51)
11. Marlene (32:52-36:45)
12. Song Of The Viking (36:46-39:21)
13. I Went To The Mirror (39:22-43:30)
14. Black Maria (43:31-48:50)
15. One More Day (No Word (48:51-52:33)
16. Couldn’t I Just Tell You? (52:34-56:08)
17. Torch Song (56:09-59:01)
18. Little Red Lights (59:02-1:03:54)
19. Overture-My Roots: Money (That’s What I Want)/Messin’ With The Kid (1:03:55-1:06:24)
20. Dust In The Wind (1:06:25-1:10:14)
21. Piss Aaron (1:10:15-1:13:41)
22. Hello It’s Me (1:13:42-1:18:19)
23. Some Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me (1:18:20-1:22:20)
24. You Left Me Sore (1:22:21-1:25:33)
25. Slut (1:25:34-1:29:38)

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